Geoskan 201

    • Efficient. Geoskan 201 can stay in the air for up to 3 hours. It allows flying away for up to 100 km from the launching point and shoot up to 16 km2with resolution of 4 cm per pixel during one flight. The complex is delivered with 2 batteries providing continuous work in the field within the whole day.
    • Strong and reliable. In the process of Geoskan 201 designing we were thinking of reliability and convenience of the complex operation. By applying special technologies in the basic structure and non-trivial solutions in designing of compound wing we achieved the required stiffness of the glider and its portability while transportation. The glider and required equipment can be easily placed inside the car trunk, train compartment, and weight and dimensional values of cases correspond to requirements for aircraft transportation.
    • Universal. Geoskan 201 is able to carry up to 3 payload units at the same time for the performance of different industrial tasks with recording of information in different spectral ranges.
    • Simple to operate. Geoskan 201 works completely in automatic mode. For its launching it is enough just to install it onto the catapult and to press the button at the land station. When Geoskan 101 finishes the flight, it slowly falls down to launching point using the parachute.
    • Safe. Our smart auto-pilot is constantly tracking the condition of glider during the flight: definition of flying speed, altitude, orientation in the air and battery charge level. In case of emergency situation it will independently return the glider to launching point of perform the emergency landing. You can always change or interrupt the mission on first demand. The button of emergency parachute release which is installed into the communication modem will be triggered even in case of computer breakdown.
  • Technical specifications

    Duration of flight Up to 3 hours
    Maximum route length 210 km
    Area of shooting during 1 flight 7-22 km2
    Recommended allowable speed of wind Up to 10 m/sec
    Time of preparation for flight 10 min
    Maximum allowable speed of wind 12 m/sec
    Speed of flight 8-40 m/sec
    Maximum takeoff weight 8.5 kg
    Maximum payload weight 1.5 kg
    Wing spread 222 cm
    Engine Electrical, brushless
    Minimum safe altitude of flight 100 m
    Maximum altitude of flight 4000 m
    Operational temperature

    AKB Standard: from -20 to +40°С;

    AKB Arctic: from -40 to +20°С

  • Default supply scope

    • Complex for aerial photography Geoskan 201 with modernized photo camera Sony DSC-RX1;
    • Battery – 1 pcs.
    • Foldable catapult 20 х 20 х 110 cm
    • Spare parts set
    • Land station of control:
    • Laptop with installed software for planning of flight mission Geoscan Planner
    • Modem for communication with UAV
    • Charger
    • Transportation case 80x52x31 cm, 22 kg
    • Manual
    • Training course for operation of the complex (5 days)
    • Warranty - 1 year / 80 flights

    Additional payload

    • Digital camera Sony DSX-RX1 (24 MP, lens for 35 mm, full-frame sensor, central diaphragm shutter), modernized
    • Multispectral camera (on the basis of Sony A5000)
    • GNSS receiver (single frequency (L1) on double frequency (L1, L2), single-system (GPS) or double-system (GPS/GLONASS).

    Additional equipment

    • Laptop in protective case
    • Additional unmanned aerial vehicle Geoskan 201 (glider, electronics, on-board block for communication/telemetry, protective container IP67, spares)
    • Modification “Arctic” (expansion of temperature range from -40 to +40°C)

    Additional software

    • PhotoScan Professional
    • GIS Sputnik
    • GIS Sputnik Agro
    • Javad Justin
    • MAGNET Office Tools Adv. Post processing

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