Geoskan 401

    • Smart modes of flight. Geoskan 401 provides you the full freedom of control. You can perform automatic shooting along the route or use interactive mode of flight according to points. Switching from one mode to another is possible directly during the flight.
    • Efficient. Utilization of modern materials and designing know-how allowed the achievement of 1 hour of flight with payload weight of 1 kilogram.
    • Simple to operate. All stages of flight are completed in automatic mode. Vertical takeoff and landing provides possibility of working in limited space. In case of low charging level of loss of communication the drone will return to the starting point independently and carry out soft landing.
    • Full control of camera. Gyroscope stabilized bracket provides the precise control of camera position and compensates tilting of drone during the flight.
    • Universal platform. Photo shooting complex Geoskan 401 is able to carry different payload with the weight up to 2 kg. Specially designed attachment unit for payload and universal socket allow the replacement of targeted payload within several seconds.
  • Technical specifications

    Duration of flight Up to 60 minutes
    Maximum route length 24 km

    Area of shooting during 1 flight

    (5 cm per pixel)

    2.1 km2
    Maximum allowable speed of wind Up to 10 m/sec
    Speed of flight 0-50 m/sec
    Maximum takeoff weight 9.5 kg
    Maximum payload weight 2 kg
    Dimensions in folded form 70x25x20 cm
    Engines Electrical
    Dimensions in flying mode 150x150x43 cm
    Minimum safe altitude of flight 10 m
    Maximum altitude of flight 500 m
    Time of preparation for flight 5 min
    Operational temperature

    AKB Standard: from -20 to +40°С;

    AKB Arctic: from -40 to +20°С

  • Default supply scope

    • Complex Geoskan 401 with digital channel of communication for transfer of video and thermal vision image;
    • Battery – 1 pcs.
    • Spare parts set
    • Land station of control on the basis of protected laptop:
    • Laptop with installed software for planning of flight mission Geoscan Planner
    • Joystick for camera control and additional monitor for displaying of video and thermal vision image
    • Digital broadband video receiver
    • Modem for communication with UAV
    • Charger station in protected case 51x40x19 cm
    • Transportation case 80x52x31 cm, 22 kg
    • Manual
    • Training course for operation of the complex (5 days)
    • Warranty – 1 year / 80 flights

    Additional payload

    • Gyroscope stabilized optical electronic system with FullHD video camera
    • Gyroscope stabilized optical electronic system with thermal vision camera
    • Digital camera Sony DSX-RX1 (24 MP, lens for 35 mm, full-frame sensor, central diaphragm shutter), modernized
    • Digital camera Sony Alpha A5000 with lens for 20 mm
    • Multispectral photo camera (on the basis of Sony A5000).

    Additional equipment

    • Additional drone Geoskan 401 Video (drone, electronics, on-board digital transmitter for transfer of video and thermal image, on-board communication block for communication/telemetry, protective container IP67, spares, no payload)
    • Modification “Arctic” (expansion of temperature range from -40 to +40°C)

    Additional software

    • Additional license PhotoScan Pro
    • GIS Sputnik
    • GIS Sputnik Agro

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