GIS Sputnik

System for visualization on multidimensional geospatial data. GIS Sputnik is the perfect choice for watching of data from UAV, processed in Agisoft PhotoScan.


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Supported formats

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You can watch highly detailed photorealistic 3D models of unrestrictedly large dimensions in TLS format (Agisoft Tiled Model). You can download and analyse orthophotomaps and digital models of the terrain in GeoTIFF and Sputnik KMZ. You can change length, height, squares and their difference, construct profiles, slope maps and TIN-models in the simplest and highly efficient geographic informational system.

Basic coverage Landsat, Bing and OpenStreetMap aloows the integration of user data into uniform geographic data space. Supporting of WMS protocol provides the opportunity of attaching thematic tiers with OGC-compatible servers. Main format of GIS Sputnik is KML, which arranges wide opportunities in visualization of tridimensional objects and thematic tiers of data in real time mode.

Functional possibilities

  • Measurement of distances with consideration of the terrain;
  • Measurement of slopes, elevations, horizontal ranges;
  • Calculation of squares on the surface of digital surface model/digital terrain model (DSM/DTM);
  • Determination of ground work volumes depending on reference plane;
  • Monitoring of changes in DTM/DSM with timeline;
  • Construction of profiles, transversal profiles and hypsographic curves;
  • Transformation of DSM into DTM with the help of Kriging interpolation;
  • Editing of geometry in KML, including logical operations;

Spheres of application

Urban planning

  • Watching of photorealistic 3D models of urban environment
  • Territorial survey and tracking of changes
  • Digital cartography
  • Visualization of housing schemes in 3D

Prevention and monitoring of emergency disasters

  • Modeling of territory flooding
  • Watching of thermal vision photos
  • Planning of rescue searching operations
  • Analysis of soil slip processes

Public road system

  • Monitoring and control of construction works
  • Construction of transversal profiles
  • Watching and analysis of design data
  • Monitoring of transport

Mining industry

  • High precision measurement of dumps volumes
  • Monitoring of ground works
  • Export of terrain profiles into DXF
  • Transformation of DSM / DTM into TIN

Oil and gas complex

  • Monitoring of soil subsidence
  • Tracking of changes in security zone
  • Inventory check for objects
  • Integration with GIS of the enterprise via WMS