Sputnik Web

Online system for visualization of multidimensional geospatial data. Now you can watch 3D models at all devices compatible with WebGL via browser, without utilization of additional software.

Basic coverage at the earth surface, as well as supporting of OGC standards provides uploading of data into uniform geographic data space. Supporting of WMS protocol allows connection of data from servers compatible with OGC. Possibility of installation of access permit excludes unauthorized downloading and demonstration of your models.

Functional abilities

  • Supporting of data formats as per Agisoft PhotoScan;
  • Watching of 3D models with unlimited volume in online mode;
  • Installation of access permit to uploaded models;
  • Measurement of distances and squares at the surface of DSM/DTM;
  • Compatibility with geographic data tiers inside models;

Fields of application

Urban planning portals

  • Integration with systems for urban construction activity provision
  • Territorial survey and tracking of changes
  • Digital cartography
  • Demonstration of urban environment development projects in 3D format

Public road system

  • Monitoring and control of construction works
  • Construction of transversal profiles
  • Modeling of transport movements

Environmental monitoring

  • Mapping of ecological disasters
  • Territorial survey and tracking of changes
  • Modeling of petrochemical products spillage
  • Creation of ecological portals

Prevention and monitoring of emergency disasters

  • Modeling of territory flooding
  • Watching of thermal vision photos
  • Planning of rescue searching operations

Demonstration of cultural heritage objects

  • Strengthening of tourist appeal of the region
  • Virtual fly-overs and excursions
  • Virtual archaeological exhibitions
  • Discussion of restoration projects