Sputnik Agro

You can convert infrared photos from multispectral photo camera into TIFF.

You can visualize and analyze orthophotomaps of GeoTIFF format with data of NDVI index (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index). You can measure volumes of root crops at open storages. You can construct maps of terrain slopes and drains in the simplest and highly efficient geographic informational system for precise agricultural activities.

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Actual and precise data regarding the square of processing for each field is the fundamental basis for the modern agriculture. Preciseness of information regarding square of field directly influences the precision of costs calculation for its development. Inventory check of land plots by means of UAV is more precise and efficient than currently used methods of roundabout route around the perimeter of the field or outlining according to satellite data. Geoskan technologies allow the precise determination of borders and squares of fields, definition of real usage of land and type of vegetation cover.

Spheres of application

Inspection of seeding

  • Creation of NDVI maps
  • Determination of areas with depressed vegetation
  • Determination of violations of sowing procedure
  • Determination of areas subject to erosion

Inventory check of land plots

  • Precise determination of borders and squares of fields
  • Determination of real usage of land
  • Specification of vegetation cover type
  • Determination of violations of land use

Agricultural insurance

  • Estimation of seeding according to NDVI maps
  • Specification of seeding condition according to orthophotomaps
  • High precision measurement of root crops volumes at open storages
  • Estimation of damage after natural disasters

Melioration planning

  • Definition of arid and water-logged areas
  • Lanning of watering schedule
  • Creation of soil humidity maps
  • Creation of projects for irrigation and drying, water reservoirs horticulture

Control of agro technical activities

  • Tracking of agricultural machinery
  • Optimization of harvesting planning
  • Thermal vision monitoring of piles
  • Control of fertilizers addition effectiveness