Sputnik ETL

Models of cables calculated during the preliminary processing together with orthophotomaps and digital models of terrain are uploaded into Sputnik ETL. It gives the opportunity of carrying out of comprehensive data analysis and generation of reports in accordance with customer demands.


Compatible formats

Functional abilities

  • Changing of dimensions and booms of cables overhanging;
  • Determination of forestry area square;
  • Detection of threatening vegetation;
  • Measurement of distances with consideration of terrain;
  • Measurement of slopes, elevations, horizontal ranges
  • Measurement of squares on the surface of DTM / DSM;
  • Export of reports into MS Excel format;

Fields of application

Prevention of emergencies

  • Monitoring of threatening trees and shrubs
  • Determination of cable overhanging correspondence to standards
  • Modeling of trees falling zone
  • Thermal vision monitoring of suspended insulators

ETL maintenance

  • Planning of forest aisles broadening
  • Visualization of designed ETL
  • Planning of land works for maintenance
  • Planning of ETL modernization

Planned monitoring

  • Visual survey of supports and insulators condition
  • Detection of violations in secured zone of ETL
  • Monitoring of DRC increasing
  • Determination of cable dimensions


  • Calculation of trees number in secured zone
  • Determination of trees height and crown diameter
  • Zoning od DRC by heights
  • Calculation of DRC volumes